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The Guidance is a set of three components:
1. Introduction to the Guidance (the report): The Guidance report presents an overview of the methodological framework to identify plastic hotspots and covers its structure and workflow. This is a manual and quick reference for readers and users.
2. Modules (Microsoft PowerPoint documents): The nine modules of the Guidance provide detailed scoping and definitions, data collection instructions, and modelling approaches. They are designed to provide technical experts with thorough explanation of the detailed modelling steps, mathematical formulas and parameters of the methodology.
3. Data-collection and modelling tools (spreadsheets and templates): These tools will guide data collection, modelling and calculations and generate graphs with results support the user in drawing conclusions.

The Guidance, Tools and Modules provided here present users with a means to comprehensively identify plastic pollution hotspots, by collecting data, and performing analysis to design, plan and implement policy instruments and actions to reduce plastic pollution.

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